How to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business

Instagram is becoming more popular for businesses to use in order to gain exposure and stay engaged with their customers/followers. Also, you can use it to grow your business by using a feature called an Instagram Story.

Instagram stories allow you to post photos and images filled with text and other artistic features, and they disappear after 24 hours.

Read on to find out how to use it so it can be valuable to your business.


To get started, tap the plus sign on the upper left-hand side of your Instagram feed page. Then, you can take your photo by clicking the button or a video by holding it down.

The thunderbolt icon turns on the flash and the arrows allow you to switch between the front and forward facing cameras. You can doodle on your photo by clicking on one of the three pen types, change the filter by swiping up or even add stickers.

When done, you can tap on the checkmark to share your story. It will be visible on your profile page by tapping on your profile picture and on top of your feed page. You can see who viewed your story by swiping up when you tap on it.

You can also push your story onto Facebook by linking your Instagram account to that platform. When creating the story on Instagram, tap next, and then tap your Facebook story, and share. This way you can make one story to use on multiple platforms and it can save you some time.

If you want all future stories to get pushed onto Facebook, go into settings on your profile page, tap privacy and security, and then story controls. You can then click the button next to the share your story to Facebook option and it will get turned on.

Instagram stories can improve your marketing strategy with your customers.

For example, businesses can ask for feedback from their followers through poll stickers by asking them what specific product/service feature they like best and what their preferences may be.

Using an Instagram story video can give business owners the chance to give their audience a sneak peek into their day. For example, realtors can make a video of some interior design work they came across that day or even virtual open house tour.

A feature within Instagram stories can allow you to ask a question to your audience. This is a great way for businesses to interact daily with their audience and be present. Just asking a simple questions like how their day is going can make all the difference.

Also, using hashtags within Instagram stories have been seen to double the amount of viewers. By using broader, popular hashtags that relate to your content can expand your follower base even more.

You can even drive traffic to your own Instagram feed and gain followers.

After posting a photo to your regular Instagram feed, you can tap the share button and click on the feature that says “add photo to story”. You can also do this for posts made by other Instagram accounts. A great example of this is sharing inspirational quotes from feeds like Rachel Hollis’.

You can even add any polls or stickers you want to engage your audience. For example, boutiques could use this feature when posting about a new outfit and then adding it on to their story. They can then use the polling feature to ask anything they want about it, or have the audience have questions for them.

Growing a brand is also crucial.

As a small business owner, you can use Instagram stories to grow your personal and business brand. It will be a great way for others to connect with you and know what kind of person you are. You can give insight on your projects and team meetings as well as things you do outside of work.

Instagram is a great way to tell your story.

In business, telling a story is how you create that emotional connection with your audience. It’s all about feelings and knowing what your audience wants.

Overall, Instagram Stories are a great marketing tactic. You can engage with your followers in so many different ways, plus you can have fun doing it! Getting feedback is via polls/questions is also important because you’re always improving yourself and Instagram makes it easy. And soon, growing your business and brand will be easy too.